Journey to Self Compassion

Friday, 3 January 2014

Special Children are Born to Special People

I was going through different blogs and experiences of people with special needs and I read this article about a beautiful experience a family had a restaurant which truly shows that the people are generous and can act like angels in any form.

I read an article on It is based on how a normal couple paid for the food of a family having a 5 years old boy having autism. Though some might say that this act is not that big, but truly all these small acts actually shows that humanity exist in people for real.

One of the outcomes that I see of my project is people understanding how to pay respect and gratitude to all those who work hard raising a child with special need to make him/her independent. Humanity exists in all forms. If this world would be a place of love and every single person would start ignoring the differences then peace would be the only thing we could find in this world. Every single person in this world can contribute in my project by smiling towards a child with special need. These small acts is what I see as an outcome of my project and for me would be a great success, for sure.

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