Journey to Self Compassion

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Welcome to my Blog :)

Hello GNML-ers and other readers,

I am Azima Dhanjee from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a KL-YES student and am currently living in Arkansas. Life always brings up exciting challenges for me and I believe in facing all of those problems with a big smile and living that moment to my fullest. I love new experiences and try to learn from whatever I could. Being a part of GNML classroom is the best experience for me. It is not only a good way to get knowledge about different social media tools but it is also going to help me plan a strong plan for my country's betterment.

Whatever step we take, whatever learning we share between two different countries, help in building a connection, a STRONG bridge and that is why I have named my blog, One Strong Step-- One Strong Bridge.

My project is about helping the DIFFERENTLY abled people present in our community by providing them an opportunity to prove themselves rather than making them
dependent on us or disrespecting them. They are normal humans like us, and they have a right to live as independent as we do. I am going to work at an organization which deals with deaf and mute people to help them bringing their lives at a positive point. I plan on further teaching sign language to other volunteers and people who want to so that it does not get difficult for them to communicate with the normal people.

My plan is not big, but for me the impact would be worth because I know I have an ability to deal with people like that and by using this quality for something positive, I am not only going to help but bring a positive change :)

My slogan is ' Let's help the differently abled'

Hope you all will be glad.

Looking forward for positive comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading it.

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Regards :)