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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Good End to #GNMLph


  GNML has been an amazing learning platform for me, in this exchange year. Without going anywhere, I, not only collected ideas for a Social Campaign, but also met so many wonderful future leaders, who's passion and ideas build up a whole community of VOLUNTEERS.

  Beginning from my, one, narrow idea, I met so many other individuals, read their comments, saw their plans, and considering all of those, finally am confident about my project- My Social Media for Social Change Campaign.

   I got command over certain social media (YouTube, LinkedIn e.t.c) that I have never used before, purposely, for a specific reason. They all have given me a platform to share my idea, my mission and encourage the sense of help among people themselves.

  The most interesting part was to watch introduction videos by our trainers, which actually motivated me to work hard and get command over the respective social media. 

  I found quite challenges, while embedding Facebook, Instagram and twitter account on my Blog. I used to write blogs before that, but these challenges gave me more command over this social media. 


  All my social media feeds are embed on my blog. I am finding few difficulties with my instagram account, but it will surely be updated soon.


  These are links towards my social media pages:

  • YouTube:
  • Twitter: @azimadhanjee
  • Facebook Page:

  Though this is an end of the sessions, I am still looking forward to communicate with you all to gather more ideas and be friends forever. Nothing makes me more happy, than having friends, belonging to different part of this world (GLOBAL VILLAGE)


  • Blogger: When planning a project, nothing is more useful than, brainstorming your ideas, reading some sources and then writing it down (drafted). It helps you to put your thoughts together and make your planning strong, as well as, ever lasting. Blogger not only gave me opportunity to do all this, but to get connected to the world out there, and give them an opportunity to read and give a thought to it. Positive criticism helped me to shape my project much better.
  • Twitter: I got connected to so many other organizations working for Differently-abled people, through twitter. It also gave me an opportunity to get volunteers for my project and meet other GNMLph participants, working to make a change.
  • YouTube: I would always watch videos but never though about making some. YouTube video, actually helped me to explain my project, myself and face a larger audience. It gave me a lot of confidence, too.
  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the most used, social media. By putting my project out there, I got a lot of volunteers  and people who support this idea, back home (In Pakistan). I can now easily share pictures, videos and ideas, which will surely reach to a lot of people who are following this page. 
  • Instagram: Pictures are the best emotional form of explanation. By putting pictures on instagram , a lot of people got attracted, and also interested to use social media for someone's betterment or helping the society.
  • LinkedIn: I have never used LinkedIn before. Now, I have an idea, how to get sponsors and business organization, known about my project. I can now even take some ideas and further use it to improve my project. I can now say that I am proud to be working PROFESSIONALLY. 

It has been a pleasure, learning online and meeting so many people. Indeed GNMLph is going to be, one of my exchange year's best highlights. Thank You! 

Let's be Friends!

This website have the best ways to be friends with a differently-abled people. Please give it a thought and comment if you guys need further assistance with any specific WAY.

I am going to follow it from TODAY.


I was scrolling down, different google/RSS feeds, and found this amazing blog post by an ignorant citizen, who then educated himself about differently-abled people and how he looks toward them.

In this post, he mentions how people in Jerusalem (his country) approaches this condition. He highlights all the doubts people have regarding this issue and why they don't treat differently -abled people, with the same amount of respect, as anyone else. He highlights the culture and personality of people, but then remind everyone that being ignorant is not a perfect vision. He specifically mentions, 'If we take to heart the Jewish teaching about every person made in the image of God and recall that one person is no better nor worse than the other, simply "differently-abled" we might be better able to open up our hearts, and our institutions to a wider swath of humanity.'

I would really encourage you all to read this post and then take out time for the video which shows God's words, regarding this issue. 

This post actually helps my project as people's view and reasons for ignorance towards approaching differently-abled people, is really important to be mentioned and help them to fight with this fear. After all, we all are HUMANS and the SAME.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My YouTube Coverage.

It's so nice to see you all again on my Blog. This project is getting better and better, day by day. This is my youtube coverage regarding my project and Social Media for Social Change, pitch elevator. Hope you all like it <3
All Comments and Suggestions are accepted.

We are on Facebook

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for staying connected to my blog and reading different ideas/ feeds about People with Disabilities (differently abled people). We are now on Facebook!

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Yaye! See you there then.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Let's Hear it From Pooja

Pooja Yerramilli, a graduate from Yale University, talks about the life challenges of a differently abled child. 
I went through a blog written by Pooja, where she shares an interesting story about the life of a person with disability. Mohammad Rafiuddin, spent his life, fighting with his disability so that people could actually appreciate his abilities and put their focus on that.

This blog shares how Rafiuddin grew up with his disability in a household, whose income was lower than the actual wage. People ignored him, disrespect him and did not let him prove himself just because he was DIFFERENT. Here again, let us focus that he is not disabled but he is differently abled, which makes him unique in his own way. Now Rafiuddin is though working, his life was much difficult than other normal people who got the same abilities but our not different. The ignorant society is the main obstacle in the development of a differently abled child. We are responsible, though not for the cause but for forcing them to degrade themselves and lead an unhappy life.

This is one thing I want to use social media for. PROVOKE THE SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITIES AMONG PEOPLE. So today's message is, step out and try to make a differently abled person SMILE.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Special Children are Born to Special People

I was going through different blogs and experiences of people with special needs and I read this article about a beautiful experience a family had a restaurant which truly shows that the people are generous and can act like angels in any form.

I read an article on It is based on how a normal couple paid for the food of a family having a 5 years old boy having autism. Though some might say that this act is not that big, but truly all these small acts actually shows that humanity exist in people for real.

One of the outcomes that I see of my project is people understanding how to pay respect and gratitude to all those who work hard raising a child with special need to make him/her independent. Humanity exists in all forms. If this world would be a place of love and every single person would start ignoring the differences then peace would be the only thing we could find in this world. Every single person in this world can contribute in my project by smiling towards a child with special need. These small acts is what I see as an outcome of my project and for me would be a great success, for sure.