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Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I was scrolling down, different google/RSS feeds, and found this amazing blog post by an ignorant citizen, who then educated himself about differently-abled people and how he looks toward them.

In this post, he mentions how people in Jerusalem (his country) approaches this condition. He highlights all the doubts people have regarding this issue and why they don't treat differently -abled people, with the same amount of respect, as anyone else. He highlights the culture and personality of people, but then remind everyone that being ignorant is not a perfect vision. He specifically mentions, 'If we take to heart the Jewish teaching about every person made in the image of God and recall that one person is no better nor worse than the other, simply "differently-abled" we might be better able to open up our hearts, and our institutions to a wider swath of humanity.'

I would really encourage you all to read this post and then take out time for the video which shows God's words, regarding this issue. 

This post actually helps my project as people's view and reasons for ignorance towards approaching differently-abled people, is really important to be mentioned and help them to fight with this fear. After all, we all are HUMANS and the SAME.

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