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Monday, 13 January 2014

Let's Hear it From Pooja

Pooja Yerramilli, a graduate from Yale University, talks about the life challenges of a differently abled child. 
I went through a blog written by Pooja, where she shares an interesting story about the life of a person with disability. Mohammad Rafiuddin, spent his life, fighting with his disability so that people could actually appreciate his abilities and put their focus on that.

This blog shares how Rafiuddin grew up with his disability in a household, whose income was lower than the actual wage. People ignored him, disrespect him and did not let him prove himself just because he was DIFFERENT. Here again, let us focus that he is not disabled but he is differently abled, which makes him unique in his own way. Now Rafiuddin is though working, his life was much difficult than other normal people who got the same abilities but our not different. The ignorant society is the main obstacle in the development of a differently abled child. We are responsible, though not for the cause but for forcing them to degrade themselves and lead an unhappy life.

This is one thing I want to use social media for. PROVOKE THE SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITIES AMONG PEOPLE. So today's message is, step out and try to make a differently abled person SMILE.

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