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Monday, 23 December 2013

Parenting- An Important Tool for a Better Cause

A project that deals with special children and their development, I also believe that considering the elements around the differently abled children has a whole lot impact on the child's development.

I currently read a blog which deals with all these concerns that how parenting plays an important role in child's development. An ignorant, disrespectful and care free parent will always have difficulty raising up a special children but it is not because their special, but its actually the elements surrounding them which result negative impacts on them. A parent need to first of all accept, make up their mind, be proud of their child and do everything for making their kid be as independent as a normal individual.

In my project, I am not only focused on special children's development and preparing activities for them, but I also want to have workshops, interactive programs and appreciation days, to give more strength/ respect to all those parents/guardians who work hard in making their differently abled kid a better person.

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