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Monday, 2 December 2013

An Unexpected Life- Disgraceful? I Don't Believe.

My major project- My major focus is the rights, a happy living of the people with special needs. Belonging to a family and working in an institution, filled with a lot of deaf and mute people, I personally witness the type of life, the type of difficulties they have to go through. There are many who fight through them (like my parents, by the Grace of God) and make an earning to live; but again, there are many who get lost because they do not get enough support and they believe themselves to be the weakest of all.

I have worked through different projects to support the special people and have witnessed a lot of cases then again through RSS feed and Google Alert, I apparently am more linked to blogs, concerned about working for the betterment of the lives of the differently abled (a better word rather than disabled) people.

I went through a blog titled: A Line in the Sand (Reference:
A beautifully explained blog carrying all the details and feelings of an individual who is or have given birth to a child with special needs. She claims that all her guests have admitted that how grateful they are to have a child like that but again, the society, the ignorant world, the judgmental people makes it difficult for a child with special needs to make a living in this world.

She writes: ' I initially titled the episode “A Secret Life of Shame and Fear” as I wanted to reach out to other parents, many of whom had reached out to me over the years regarding their children. These mothers were too embarrassed or afraid to seek help and expose the physical and emotional chaos that was consuming their families.  They feared losing their children to substandard institutions, they feared for the siblings and they feared for themselves. This interview was for them all.'

The ignorant society makes it hard for the mothers to seek help for their child, it is not as if the mothers HATE their child, because when a lady gives birth to a baby, their is no other happiness in the world that could replace her one feeling of being entitled as a MOTHER at that time. The baby she has carried for 9 months, the baby she has gone through all the pain for. She loves that baby, no matter how that baby is.

My Grandmother gave birth to four beautiful daughters (one of them is my mother- I am so proud of her) who had all the capabilities, all the beauty of this world, but again, they all were deaf and mute. It was hard, but my grandmother never lost her hopes. She was a proud mother of four most amazing daughters, she admits. Listening to stories of her life, it makes me cry- not because she gave birth to children with special needs, but the way society treated her, disgraced her for something she should have been given strength for. She was thankful to God, but the society called her crazy, confessed that her daughters would never make a living, would eventually end up begging for a good life. I am ashamed; ashamed to be one of the people with all the senses and capabilities because eventually these are the people who disgrace someone with special needs. I am proud that my grandmother's four daughters are more capable of doing anything more than any one with all the capabilities in this world. They made a living and proved the shameful world that their words never came true.

Again, these kinds of stories are one or two in million. Their are many who gets lost in the way to make a living. Not only because they are missing out some senses, but because the society is not ready to help them. This is a point to think, this is the point which forces me to work for their well being. Connecting people world wide to work for this cause. Find ways to support people with special needs. Be respectful, humble towards them and confessed them to be one of us, THEY ARE HUMANS after all.

This is what I am working for, this is what I aim for. These kinds of blogs, and getting updated by all the other people who are working for this cause actually helps a lot in making a change in this world, especially by using technology because now this cause is world wide and can bring much better united changes.

REMEMBER: They are not disabled, but differently able :)

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